Koi pond Rotherham. April.

A relatively local job in Rotherham compared to other bookings in the forthcoming week where we’ll be working in Wrexham, Leyland and a third trip to North Devon-more on the Devon job in due course.

Despite being local (50 miles from Derby) I decided to stay overnight to catch an early start on the job.

The foam lining system was applied by 11am including a recess for the window frame-the free alternative to an aluminum frame. Fibreglassing commenced at 11:30 and was finished by 4pm, both sections laminated with a 3mm grp as per our standard system.

The most noteworthy item in this entry is the scaffold cover that was built to enable us to work with plenty of room around the pond, the fact that it shielded the grp from strong sunlight and withstood a brief rain shower. The images below show the cover and yet another successful installation by GRP Lining Services.

image4 IMG_4345 IMG_4346 IMG_4348 IMG_4349

Next blog will be from Wrexham.


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