GRP v ‘alternative’ lining system.

Here we have another relative newcomer making claims that it is better that fibreglass as a waterproofer, Metflex.

On paper the material sounds great. It’s sprayed on quickly, is coloured black or dark green and has a thickness of 1.5mm.

Typically this is another material whose claims don’t match up to the reality. Here’s a pond that was sprayed with Metflex and didn’t hold water despite the surface it being applied to being sound. Even after the firm returned to redo the work the pond still leaked so even with 3mm of material being applied the system failed in its promise.

IMG_4170 IMG_4171

The patch is a repair and the numbered chalk circles being marked a pinholes, lots of them.

The customer had had enough of trying to fix leaks so decided to look at GRP.  Upon our reassurance that a lot of time could be saved by us glassing over the leaking liner and there being no need to remove the coping stones we applied a 3mm GRP system directly over the old material.

IMG_4309 IMG_4311 IMG_4312 (the white streak in the above left image is sunlight creeping through the cover).

Fibreglass has many properties that lend it towards being the best and proven lining system, those being colossal strength, durability to withstand damage, smoothness and the ability to form to any shape in skilled hands.  A downside of the GRP if there is one is little if any room for error during application.  Rest assured GRP Lining Services has fibreglassed hundreds upon hundreds if not thousands of ponds in 18 years and we perfected the technique a very long time ago. Buy with confidence, buy once and buy the best.


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